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  • TRONCARAMI 80|100


TRONCARAMI branch cutters are semiprofessional curved shape branch cutters used for gardening. The handles are made of oval shaped extruded anodized aluminum capable of supporting extreme tension. The high percentage carbon steel blade is hot-forged. The mold creates a cavity in the blade that reduces friction and increases branch penetration. The handles are made of oval shaped extruded aluminum with anodized surface capable of supporting extreme tension. The anodized surface treatment increases resistance over time. Just like all the other pruning tools manufactured by Castellari, these branch cutters are also completely interchangeable. These TRONCARAMI branch cutters are first place amongst gardening tools for their robustness and weight and green pruning.


1 T2
2 TLC 80
2 TLC 100
3 TCC 80
3 TCC 100
4 D13